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Mix and Match Suzani and Ikat patterns

Tips for mixing and matching decorating patterns – A condo bedroom gets an Uzbek makeover with Suzani and Ikat textiles from Uzbekistan

Have you ever had difficulty with mixing and matching patterns when decorating?  It can definitely be challenging, but I have to tell you, when working with Uzbek Suzanis and Ikat pillows and fabrics, I’ve found it is much easier to mix and match the bold colors and patterns to create stunning interiors.  Take a look at these examples….

Shown above:  Vintage Suzani mixed with velvet Ikat pillows, and black and white Ikat pillow


As with decorating any room, you need to have a starting point.  Great starting points are typically artwork and/or area rugs because it’s much easier to match the rest of your decor to these items, then vise versa.  Above I started with the vintage Uzbek Suzani as my artwork piece and then matched some Ikat pillows to that Suzani based on the colors.  Placing images of the patterns together helps to visualize what they’ll look like in advance.  You can copy and paste the images into a single document in order to view them together, and it greatly helps with the decision making.  I was looking for a Suzani that would coordinate with the chocolate brown and burgundy colors that were already incorporated in this bedroom, and also one that would go above the queen size bed.  The size and shape of this Suzani is perfect!


Shown above:  Vintage Suzani  mixed with velvet Ikat pillows


Before the Suzani wall hanging and ikat pillows were added:


Shown above:  Vintage Suzani mixed with black and white Ikat pillow, plus red and beige Ikat pillows

I was also interested in decorating with this Suzani below not only for its brown, cream and burgundy-red colors, but also because of its rectangular shape which can be fun to fold upward and partially hang from the ceiling….

Shown above:  Vintage Suzani mixed with Ikat fabric, and Ikat pillows

Again, once I chose the Suzani with its bold pattern,  I was able to then pick out the Ikat pillows and Ikat fabric to coordinate with it.

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