More About Uzbek Ikat

The Ikat pillow covers and fabrics offered by Black Fig Designs reflect centuries of Uzbekistani tradition, and are hand-woven from silk and/or cotton strands dyed vibrant hues from natural plant sources and then integrated into the designs. While ikat is a universal weaving style, Uzbekistan has its own unique version of ikat.     

The natural dyes come from a variety of native plants. Since ancient times, plants such as walnuts and tea leaves have provided a broad range of color hues and intensities in dyes that are remarkably durable. Beyond beautifying clothing and household items, these colors carry deeper meanings. Blues from the indigo flower embody the sky; yellows and oranges are distilled from onion skins, saffron, and pomegranates, and represent knowledge; reds from the madder root mean fire and sun; and the green from the usma plant represents spring and youth